EN.SURE sensor cables

The passive and maintenance-free fibre optic sensor cable is the basis for the EN.SURE real time condition monitoring solution, either integrated directly inside an insulated high voltage underground cable (for instance FIMT, fibre in metal tube) or mounted externally on the cable jacket or installed in a separate duct close to the power cable.

Luna Innovations provides the appropriate sensor cable for every application. The optical fibers are the most important components in the sensor cable. The optical fibers are preferably encased in a stainless steel tube which significantly increases the mechanical stability of the cable. In addition, the inside of the pipe is lined with gel to ensure that the sensor cable remains permanently water-proof. There are various options for jacketing the outside of the stainless steel tube, so that the sensor cable can be optimally adapted to every application.

Also fully dielectric cable design types are available where no grounding precautions needs to be taken.

The fact that temperatures are measured purely optically produces two major advantages for this technology. Firstly, the high electro-magnetic tolerance means that fields of disturbance, such as the high voltage cable itself, electric motors (pumps etc.) or any kind of transmitter (e.g. mobile phones), do not trigger disturbances. Secondly, the sensor cable is practically maintenance-free. All maintenance work can be performed from the evaluation unit.


  • Large varieties of jacketing and cable types
  • No disturbances from electro-magnetic effects
  • Maintenance-free

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