Reactor skin temperature monitoring

LIOS PRE.VENT is the ideal solution for protecting assets exposed to high temperatures or pressure levels. Our distributed temperature sensing systems allow for fully distributed and continuous monitoring of whole reactor vessel surfaces without the need for drilling or making holes.

With often large areas and many different structures to monitor the LIOS PRE.VENT is ideally suited as it provides long monitoring ranges and with our full support team backing the project the solution can be adapted to an exact application.

Many chemical reactors are operated at high temperatures. They have heat-sensitive structures and layers of refractory materials to reduce heat losses and to protect the pressure vessel and other structures from overheating.

It is essential to monitor the temperature of the reactor skin to detect critical operation states early, ensure the integrity of the refractory layers and other reactor structures.

Temperature monitoring can save valuable maintenance time, reduce maintenance intervals, and ensure an optimizing of the chemical process parameters.

LIOS PRE.VENT: A safe and functional solution for monitoring of reactor skin temperature 

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) utilizes high-temperature optical fibers and sensor cables as an efficient and powerful tool. Each LIOS PRE.VENT device monitors thousands of locations along a meander-shaped sensor cable covering a surface of a few hundred to a few thousand square meters.

The fiber-optic sensor cable used in the LIOS PRE.VENT systems does not carry electrical energy and is inherently safe for use in explosive environments. It can be integrated in the refractory layers, or mounted directly on the vessel surface without welding or drilling by using proprietary high-temperature magnets.

We follow our customers throughout all the phases of their project, from pre-site surveys, through project management and execution, to training services, and continuous customer support. Luna provides a complete temperature and strain mapping of structures such as reactors or gasifiers which enables the operator to have fast detection and accurate location of anomalies caused by for instance crack in the insulation.

The LIOS PRE.VENT solution which allows customization of alarms zones and criteria, is low maintenance and provides 24/7 complete asset visualization.


Gasifiers are large vessels lined with several layers of refractory brick to contain the high operating temperatures within. They produce syn-gas; a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, from oil, coal, or waste materials with the help of steam and oxygen. Syn-gas is used in synthesis of oxo-chemical compounds like alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, etc.


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