Fire detection in tunnels and metros

The LIOS DE.TECT linear heat detection system offers efficient and accurate fire detection in road and rail tunnels. Since its initial introduction in 1997, it has revolutionized the safety standard in underground transport facilities and is today installed in hundreds of tunnels and metros around the World.

Burning cars in tunnel

Precise and reliable fire detection is especially critical in tunnels as even small fires can become dangerous very fast due to the enclosed space. With an MTBF of more than 40 years, the LIOS DE.TECT system is not only the most reliable solution, it can detect temperature changes down to 1°C with a sampling interval down to 25 cm over up to 10 km distance per channel. This means that a starting fire is detected faster and the exact location and propagation are instantly known and continuously monitored for maximum safety and fire suppression efficiency.

The system can be configured with multiple channels so that the same system can monitor e.g. the main tunnel, access and maintenance tunnels, stations and other related areas.

In case of fire, intense heat, and dense smoke, the fire must be kept subdued until the fire brigade arrives. DE.TECT can be coupled to operate with modern fire suppression systems based on e.g. water mist that dissipate the heat energy from the fire. DE.TECT pinpoints the fire location and ensures that these fire suppression systems are selectively actuated at the fire location and in the direction of the propagation to allow the fire fighting forces maximum accessibility and to minimize the heat impact on the structure.
Extensive tests have confirmed the efficiency of these combined systems in tunnel fires.

Benefits of LIOS DE.TECT fire detection

  • Precise information about fire location, size, and propagation
  • Passive sensor unaffected by rough conditions and electromagnetic disturbances
  • System architecture allows stand-alone operation
  • Easy to install and to integrate with fire management systems

LIOS DE.TECT: Optimal safety for early and precise fire detection in road and rail tunnels

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