PRE.VENT Long Range Industrial Temperature Monitoring System

Luna PRE.VENT Long Range provides flexible and precise solutions for industrial temperature monitoring, even at very large sites or over longer distances. Utilizing the most advanced DTS technology specifically made for industrialized surroundings, every installation provides safe, fast and straight-forward monitoring of furnaces, gasifiers, and a large array of plants, vessels, and infrastructure. No challenge is too large for this long-range edition of the PRE.VENT. Read more

WELL.DONE Distributed Temperature Monitoring

The WELL.DONE product line represents the best of both worlds – a robust and resistant design, but also a temperature resolution better than 0.08°C and very fast measurements. The DTS technology in WELL.DONE provides a complete profile to optimize and improve Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) well management. Data with high accuracy and excellent resolution allow temperature monitoring at the top of the horizontal well in addition to temperature along the entire wellbore with high spatial resolution. Read more

LIOS WELL.DONE Distributed Strain Measurement System

WELL.DONE Distributed Structure Monitoring System

The WELL.DONE DSM - Distributed Structure Monitoring - system is based on a proprietary Brillouin Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) measurement technology. Its major advantages are the excellent real-time shearing and deformation monitoring and measurement performance in combination with the passively cooled (fan-less) and maintenance-free industrial design of the WELL.DONE DTS family. Read more

PRE.VENT Industrial Strain Measurement System

Monitor large processing plants, reactors, storage tanks, gasifiers and many other large industrial assets with our reliable and easy-to-install Luna PRE.VENT even at remote locations. Operators can monitor many thousands of temperature measurement points of the asset, optimize operation and detect hazardous situations even in early stages. Read more

EN.SURE Long Range Power Cable DTS System

The Luna EN.SURE Long Range power cable DTS system is a unique optical fiber-based temperature measurement system designed to monitor underground T&D power cables and overhead transmission lines over long distances. The Long Range DTS system continuously monitors and predicts cable load and core temperature over single-ended lengths of up to 70 km. Read more

EN.SURE Power Cable DTS System

The Luna EN.SURE power cable DTS system is an optical fiber-based temperature measurement system designed to monitor underground T&D power cables and overhead transmission lines. Using an optical fiber embedded in the power cable, or installed externally, the EN.SURE system can continuously monitor and predict power cable load, cable core temperature over single-ended lengths of up to 40 km per system. Read more

EN.SURE Power Cable Strain Measurement System

With the Luna EN.SURE cable strain measurement system it is possible to measure the strain put on your power cable when unforeseen events happen and take the appropriate action - saving time and money on downtime and making sure your cables are always ready to run at maximum capacity and preventing large-scale cable faults. Let LIOS EN.SURE ensure a reliable supply of electrical power for today’s world. Read more

DE.TECT Linear Heat Detection

DE.TECT is a robust linear heat detection system based on optical fibers. With a range of up to 10 km and a sampling interval down to 25 cm, the system is ideal for fire detection in tunnels and metros as well as large facilities like warehouses and industrial facilities. In addition, the fiber optic system is well suited for hazardous environments such as those found in chemical plants, coal storage facilities, mining conveyor belts, or other facilities requiring ATEX certification. DE.TECT offers fast, accurate and reliable linear heat detection in any environment. Read more

PRE.VENT Industrial Temperature Monitoring

Luna PRE.VENT uses the most advanced and industrialized DTS providing flexible monitoring solutions for online surveillance of a large array of industrial applications. With customized solutions and easy installation the LIOS PRE.VENT product line accommodates temperature monitoring of chemical processing plants, reactor vessels, gasifiers, induction furnaces, LNG tanks and containments, as well as pipelines, and other infrastructures. Read more