Fire detection in theaters – a webinar

In this 1-hour webinar, you will learn about how linear heat detection works, best practices and how to successfully implement linear heat detection in theaters. The webinar is based on our LIOS DE.TECT linear heat detection system.

Do you wonder what fiber-optic linear heat detection is? Would you like to know how to successfully implement it into new and existing theaters, without disturbing the sound and lovely interior?

In this webinar, Felix Heck and Stefan Breuer answer these questions as well as take you through the following:

  • What is linear heat detection?
  • Advantages of fiber-optic linear heat detection
  • Applications of fiber-optic linear heat detection
  • Scientific theories behind fiber-optic sensing technology
  • Introduction to DE.TECT fiber optic linear heat detection components
  • Introduction to Luna

Get talked through the advantages

Fiber-optic linear heat detection systems are extremely reliable and have several advantages compared to other types of sensor networks, such as:

  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Customizable software setting of zones and alarms
  • Thousands of locations covered by one interrogator
  • Low-cost fiber-optic cable is the sensor, no sensor elements or networks
  • Mean Time Between Failure >40 years


  • Pro-active monitoring catches events before a fire starts
  • No electricity in the application area, it’s explosion safe
  • No cross-sensitivity to dust facilitates fire detection
  • Immunity to EMI
  • Passively cooled

Case story: Linear heat detection in theaters

Find out:

  • Why is high spatial resolution needed for theaters, cable trays, indoor parking, etc.?
  • How to install the sensing cable safely in new and refurbished buildings?
  • How to integrate the linear heat detection system seamlessly into a theatre without disturbing the acoustics or design of the concert hall or theatre room?
  • How to integrate the linear heat detection system into the fire detection system to trigger fire extinguishing systems automatically?

Get the answers in the webinar on YouTube.













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