LIOS WELL.DONE Temperature and Strain Monitoring for Oil & Gas applications

LIOS WELL.DONE is developed for use in the Oil & Gas industry to meet the high demand for low-cost, reliable and easily installable systems and to provide accurate temperature gathering in the quest for greater efficiency. Harsh environments, like oil reservoirs, pose a challenge for sensitive components and yet equipment deployed downhole must be 100% reliable despite heat, pressure, moisture, vibration, and corrosion. With WELL.DONEs robust and maintenance–free industrial design, in combination with the ability to provide open standard protocols, it is the perfect flexible, efficient, and cost-efficient solution.

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Our WELL.DONE product line has become a trusted partner to the Oil and Gas industry and has, on a number of oil projects in the Far-East, Russia and North America, demonstrated the reliable use and excellent performance of this technology. Along with the Integrated & Intelligent Smart Well Service Companies, downhole temperature and Strain sensing systems have been successfully deployed and proven efficient for the following applications: Cement monitoring, Injection & Production monitoring, Fracture monitoring, Well integrity, and CO2 injection well monitoring.

Max. range Temperature Strain
LIOS WELL.DONE High Optical Budget DTS 70 km  ✔
LIOS WELL.DONE Distributed Strain Measurement System

LIOS WELL.DONE Distributed Temperature Monitoring

The WELL.DONE product line represents the best of both worlds – a robust and resistant design, but also a temperature resolution better than 0.08°C and very fast measurements. The DTS technology in WELL.DONE provides a complete profile to optimize and improve Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) well management. Data with high accuracy and excellent resolution allow temperature monitoring at the top of the horizontal well in addition to temperature along the entire wellbore with high spatial resolution. Read more

LIOS WELL.DONE Distributed Strain Measurement System

LIOS WELL.DONE Distributed Structure Monitoring System

The WELL.DONE DSM - Distributed Structure Monitoring - system is based on a proprietary Brillouin Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) measurement technology. Its major advantages are the excellent real-time shearing and deformation monitoring and measurement performance in combination with the passively cooled (fan-less) and maintenance-free industrial design of the WELL.DONE DTS family. Read more

Charon visualization and monitoring software

Charon is the software that binds all sensing data together in one platform. Compatible with all LIOS sensing products and a range of third party sensors, Charon can combine data from multiple sources and store them in a common SQL database. From the database, the sensing data can be presented both visually in one big overview where you can quickly get a status on the entire installation being monitored, or split up in graphs, tables or any other format you may want. Read more