Leakage/Pipeline monitoring

LIOS PRE.VENT is ideally suited for reliable determining of strain after mechanical elastic deformation and for measuring any temperature changes occurring in and around the pipeline. The system provides critical assessment of residual capacity of the pipeline offering a quasi continuous monitoring along the entire pipeline. The LIOS PRE.VENT can measure temperature and strain curves, through a single device, on several fiber optics over a length of 70 km with accuracy of one to several meters.

Safety aspects of transportation of hazardous material is gaining increased awareness and also demands higher and higher sensitivity. As the demand for smarter pipelines with increased capacity rise, so does the number of pipelines and surrounding structures. Continuous improvements, pipeline expansions, and other constructive work is accelerating around the world, and pose a constant threat to the safety and reliability of existing and aging infrastructure.

Geohazards such as landslides, earthquakes, or river erosion may also deform or even completely damage pipelines and being prepared to shut down pipelines before incidents occur is key to maintaining a fully functional pipeline system.

Safe and reliable transport of oil and gas is a priority but still many monitoring solutions leave pipelines vulnerable to leakage, damage, and even theft. Continuous monitoring of assets can not only save precious down-time but also man-hours and money, increasing efficiency and reducing risk. It is all about keeping the product where they belong – in the pipes. To overcome pipeline limitations, installation of multiple costly systems have previously been the norm, but it doesn’t have to be.

LIOS PRE.VENT: A cost effective and precise solution for pipeline monitoring

Want a technology solution that monitors strain and temperature of pipelines in an easy and reliable way? With a LIOS PRE.VENT system data will be easy accessible and provide information about strain and temperature changes directly on a coated pipe body with meter accuracy.  Fiber optic cables used in projects not only survive the cement coating process completely undamaged, but also allow determination of strain caused by mechanical deformation.

With a LIOS PRE.VENT system the condition of a pipeline, in terms of residual load-bearing capacity, can be assessed both over service life, as well as during and after unforeseen incidents. This can provide operators with valuable information about the financial and ecological sustainability of pipeline operation because damage incidents can be avoided or impact reduced.

An investment in a LIOS PRE.VENT system means investing in a system fully adapted to your needs and we provide everything from engineering and installation to customization and commissioning. If the installation requires a specific fiber cable – we make one that fits in both diameter, temperature range, and coating.

Protocols can be easily transferred to control room, either through our visualization tools or the through the tool of your choice. We have worldwide support and although our solution is turn-key, we are always ready to help with your next pipeline installation.


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