Charon visualization and monitoring software

Charon is the software that binds all sensing data together in one platform. Compatible with all Luna sensing products and a range of third party sensors, Charon can combine data from multiple sources and store them in a common SQL database. From the database, the sensing data can be presented both visually in one big overview where you can quickly get a status on the entire installation being monitored, or split up in graphs, tables or any other format you may want.

Charon is a user-friendly and easy-to-learn software application for storage and visualization of data from Luna distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems. Data from point data sources and optional EN.SURE Real-Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) results are also stored and visualized by Charon.

Main window of Charon4 showing Tree-View Navigator and Zone View.

The measurement data is stored in a powerful SQL database for convenient access. Data visualisation presents desired information in a comprehensive manner. The enhanced visualisation options of Charon4 offer various customisable views of data. Data export, import and software interfaces support third party tools. Optional En.Sure RTTR provides real-time information about conductor temperatures of power cables.


  • Charon is a multi-threaded  64 (or 32-bit) Windows application
  • Intuitive visualization and storage software
  • Powerful SQL database for convenient access
  • Data fully encrypted  and compressed – Efficient capacity
  • Handles all redundancy architectures
  • Visualization
    • Multiple channels can be visualized on a common graph
    • CHART window Backscattering and Frequency data
    • ZONE VIEW window– Pressure and Flow incorporated
  • Communication Protocols:
  • Data Storage:
    • Data to be stored on a database Server (SQL)
  • Embedding of customized schematic drawings
  • Individually shaped zones easily adaptable
  • Provides the overall project status at first sight
  • Multiple DTS visualisation in one view possible
  • Multiple views of one DTS also possible
  • Visualisation of complex monitored objects by integrating different zones into one
  • Complete customizable color and pattern schemes

Technical Background

Charon is a multithreaded 64-bit (or 32-bit) Windows application. State-of-the-art object oriented software techniques are adopted using the Qt framework. Measurement and configuration data is stored in a powerful SQL database using a database server.

In a standard installation, database, communication services and visualisation client are installed on a single PC. Network installations with a central database and several clients can be used in applications with several users accessing the same data.

A Windows software package and maintenance procedure can be used for installation, update and removal. Communication with the DTS systems can be established over TCP/IP connections. Data compression algorithms are applied for efficient communication and minimum use of data storage. Data integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptographic hashes. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of Charon4 is compliant with modern Microsoft Windows standards in order to offer intuitive operation to the user. A concept of user levels with different access rights is used to protect sensitive settings. The display language can be changed. Further display languages can be easily implemented using the LIOS Technology translation tool.


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