Temperature Monitoring of Induction Furnaces

The LIOS PRE.VENT optical coil protection system was developed with one of the leaders in induction furnace technology. The system provides a highly resolved real-time measurement of the temperature distribution of the exterior lining surface.

Unlike electrical measurement procedures, the optical signal in LIOS PRE.VENT is not affected by electromagnetic disturbances present in induction furnaces making LIOS PRE.VENT a reliable and very accurate way of detecting progressive wear of the lining as well as local defects.

Properly maintained refractory linings are essential for the safe operation of all-metal melting furnaces: in induction furnaces, they are absolutely critical. The physics of electrical induction demands that the refractory lining between the induction coils and the bath be as thin as possible. At the same time, it must be thick enough to fully protect the coils and prevent metal run-out.

Assuring that the furnace lining remains safely within manufacturer-specified limits requires careful treatment of the lining during all furnace operations along with comprehensive inspection and monitoring procedures.

Without question, metal run-outs, which occur when molten metal breaks through the furnace lining, rank among the most severe accidents that can occur during melting and holding operations.

If cooling, electrical, hydraulic, or control lines become damaged, there may be an imminent danger of a fire or water/metal explosion. Continuously monitoring the integrity of the furnace lining is the key to preventing a run-out.

Dependable protection of the induction coil against overheating and, more important, against contact with molten metal is of vital importance for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of induction furnaces. With LIOS PRE.VENT cracks and erosion are detected and pinpointed and normal refractory wear is under close control.

LIOS PRE.VENT: A safe and reliable solution for induction furnaces

Through our partnership with Otto Junker GmbH, for the employment of fiber optic temperature measurement technology in their melting- and heat-treatment facilities, the development of our OCP (optical coil protection system) was invented.

The OCP system provides a highly resolved real-time measurement of the temperature distribution of the exterior lining surface allowing accurate and reliable temperature monitoring of induction furnaces.

Monitor progressive wear and lining defects with LIOS PRE.VENT and take preventive measures, while providing maximal operational safety and reducing downtime.

LIOS PRE.VENT delivers intuitive visualization of the lining condition leaving no reason for operation interruptions caused by coil damage. With our set-up, you get a birds-eye view of the thickness of the chuck offering you a reliable partner in figuring out when to replace.

Our installation process allows for fully distributed and continuous monitoring of the entire reactor vessel surface without drilling or making holes. Through the installation process, the reactor is divided into zones so the entire installation can keep running despite an issue in one zone.

The RRTDR system in the LIOS PRE.VENT provides data that can be set up to match specific requirements and show zones in different colors and even set with an array of zone alarms depending on specific reactor operator needs.

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