Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

Luna WELL.DONE is ideally suited for SAGD applications where the complete temperature profile provided by the system can optimize and improve SAGD well management. WELL.DONE provides fast and accurate temperature data and with the enhanced visualization software it is easy and simple to get a full picture of the temperature changes and their exact location.

As reserves become harder to recover projects using Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) are becoming increasingly common because of challenging production demands and a wish to maximize reservoir deliverability. In the past, heavy-oil production was expensive and ineffective but with the introduction of SAGD wells efficiency has been significantly improved and SAGD wells even emit significantly lower amounts of greenhouse gas than traditional drilling techniques.

In SAGD wells steam is injected to the upper wall, and the heated heavy oil and condensed steam are produced from the lower well. Reduced oil viscosity, along with improved sweep and displacement efficiency, provides a higher percentage of oil recovery.

Luna WELL.DONE: A fast, reliable, and accurate solution for SAGD monitoring

For rough/harsh environments choose between various cable designs and fiber types to match almost all kinds of downhole applications including those with high hydrogen concentration and temperatures up to 450°C. No matter the environment we provide the appropriate multimode and single mode cable. Our special single mode high temperature fiber has the advantage that it is unaffected by hydrogen usually causing the darkening of the fiber. The coatings of the optical fiber and the extrusion can be tailored to optimally suit the required resistance to temperature conditions and mechanical impacts.

Also integrated in the Luna WELL.DONE solution is database management allowing for handling of multiple databases at the same time. Downhole temperature profiles can be monitored at the surface in real time and data can be transmitted to multiple off-site locations. Consequently any abnormalities can be uncovered immediately and appropriate actions planned.

Real-time monitoring of SAGD wells provides operators with increased understanding of the overall development of the steam chamber and the operation balance that must be achieved between injector and producer wells.


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