Smart Grid begins at Taiwan Power Company 345kV substation

Taichung City, West coast of Taiwan, is the center of activities for one of Taiwan’s three main science parks: The Central Taiwan Science Park. This area has already attracted approximately 92 foreign and local manufacturers pledging a total of 51 billion USD in investment.

The science park has played a key role in leading the development and advancement of high-tech industries of central Taiwan with the objectives of pushing high-tech industries to new heights and constructing sustainable operations by creating efficient and intuitive systems for operations in order to increase the stability of the supply of electricity.

The brand-new substation built in HouLi by the national Utility, Taiwan Power Company (TPC) is a perfect example. With the objective of meeting the rising demand for energy as well as the requirements for smart grid, Mr. Lai-Jinn Chen (Deputy Director of Taichung Power Supply Branch at TPC) and his team needed a complete underground transmission power cable system (cable and accessories)  that could be entirely monitored in Real Time.

Brugg Cables, one of the leading companies in the cable and accessories manufacturing business, equipped the new HouLi substation with their 345kV underground cable system. Brugg Cables also included LIOS Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) monitoring system with an integrated Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) solution.


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