Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes

LIOS WELL.DONEs distributed temperature system offers a solid base for understanding the process of increasing oil production through real-life temperature data. The system provides fast and accurate temperature data and with the enhanced visualization software it is easy and simple to get a full picture of the temperature changes and their exact location. Knowledge of temperature measurement location is critical in relation to the wellbore with accurate interpretation and utilization leaving operators with less down-time and more cost-efficient operations.

The need to improve the recovery factor for typical oilfields and accelerating associated production is the main reason behind enhanced Oil Recovery processes (EOR). In an ever changing environment of the downhole the challenge to EOR processes is the complex interaction between injected agents and existing reservoir fluids. Careful monitoring is important in relation to reservoir understanding which is essential to evaluating various EOR methods.

-Gas injection (CO2 injections)

Gas injections use gasses such as natural gas, nitrogen or carbon dioxide (CO₂) that expand the reservoir to push additional oil into the wellbore, or other gasses that dissolves the oil to lower its viscosity and improves flow rate..


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