Overhead Transmission Line Temperature Monitoring & Dynamic rating

Get a complete, real-time, overview of overhead transmission lines including conductor behavior and line current with LIOS EN.SURE. Knowing the true capacity of the conductor by monitoring temperature can increase transmission capacity and prolong investments. With one system, it is possible to monitor, analyze, and visualize the complete T&D grid from transformers to overhead lines and underground transmission cables.

In densely populated areas the overhead transmission lines has a limit and the chance of faults are great due to outside influencers. If temperature is monitored in real time, power transmission capability and reliability can be increased providing maximum capability and cost-effectiveness.

Operating power lines without violating safety codes, integrity of materials, or network reliability all depends on the transmission line real-time rating. If the line is operated at or beyond maximum temperature, this increase in temperature will cause the line to sag and may end up violating design clearances. Through dynamic ratings and real-time monitoring utilities and operators can develop and apply line ratings based on surrounding conditions like weather conditions and thereby obtain a much more reliable and cost-efficient operation.

With a tailor-made solution from Luna you can optimize the use of infrastructure by maximizing capacity of transmission paths. Data can be used to monitor load on overhead lines so more power can be transmitted while ensuring safety.

LIOS EN.SURE: A real-time, precise solution for overhead transmission lines

Based on passive optical fibers as temperature sensors, either integrated internally or mounted externally, the LIOS EN.SURE solution provides state of the art temperature measurements in real-time. When linked to the evaluation unit the temperature profile is recorded and processed before transmitted to standard interfaces, in order to provide the operator with valuable operational information. This will limit unnecessary and often risky operator interventions while providing safe and reliable operation above static ratings.

The embedded EN.SURE Conductor Temperature and RTTR system calculates the current-currying capacity under given conditions of the cable and can provide continuous and automatic adjustment of calculation parameters such as ambient temperature, thermal resistivity ect.

Luna does not just supply a system, but treats every order as a project that requires a full solution. No matter the parameters or design specs of your installation, old or new, there is a solution and we will help you find it.


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