Well Stimulation – Fracturing and production optimization

Luna WELL.DONE utilizes the most advanced technology to help operators increase productivity with fracturing and well stimulation techniques. The DTS technology in WELL.DONE provides temperature measurements over the complete length of the wellbore and the highly detailed and accurate data can identify changes in well performance as they happen. A single permanent downhole cable enables temperature measurements through an optical fiber line providing visualization of different zones optimizing stimulation efficiency.

Well stimulation is a highly technical and precise method where high pressure water and sand is used to crack a rock formation deep underground.

Luna WELL.DONE: A reliable and maintenance-free solution for well stimulation

With its DTS technology, Luna’s WELL.DONE is ideally suited as a reliable solution to help operators increase productivity through real-time measurements. The system enables accurate diagnostics and help monitor completion integrity by identifying unstable flow without interrupting production. Management of wells require continuous real-time monitoring for optimal economic and operational performance and with the optical fiber cable in the WELL.DONE system, no area will be unmonitored.

Our advanced visualization software delivers information directly at the operator’s desk providing option for full analysis of reservoir workflows. The technology in WELL.DONE has excellent spatial resolution providing a very accurate and precise picture of where potential actions need to be taken. It is possible to acquire data from multiple wells and thereby obtain an overall perspective for further optimization and potential cost-savings.


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