Structural Monitoring

LIOS PRE.VENT offers an ideal basis for the many kinds of environmental monitoring tasks that arises as ecology and engineering merges to design, monitor, and construct ecosystems. With often large areas and many different structures to monitor the LIOS PRE.VENT is ideally suited as it provides long monitoring ranges and can be adapted to the exact application. With LIOS PRE.VENT a full temperature profile is available providing a very accurate way of detecting temperature changes over time.

Ecological engineering is the design of sustainable ecosystems that have value to both humans and the environment and that it will help to solve the problems of global solutions. Examining, for instance, time-changing temperature of water can be useful for understanding how rivers and streams work but also in improving resources for irrigation and near power plants.    

Seepage Monitoring in dams and dykes

One of the major causes of failure in dams and dykes is internal erosion that results in increased seepage flow. This becomes a concern if it is carrying material with it, and should be controlled to prevent erosion of the embankment, foundation, or damage to concrete structures. Continuous monitoring these structures can be of vital importance as they, on a larger scale, may lead to failure of the dam or dyke. However, many existing seepage monitoring systems are not sensitive enough to detect small changes in the seepage flow.  With a possibility to detect changes/effects down to 20µe caused by time dependent processes, such as internal erosion, LIOS PRE.VENT overcomes this issue and is a very precise and effective method for seepage monitoring.

Underground storage facilities

Caverns and aquifers are widely used for underground storage of gas and mineral oil products. In most cases, the underground installations are not accessible and the operating pressure and temperature are critical parameters that require constant monitoring to assure the integrity of the structure.

Underground storage facilities are costly to construct and to operate, and the materials they contain are potentially harmful if allowed to escape into the atmosphere. Consequently, there is an essential need for monitoring and surveying both the operation of the underground storage facility and the conditions of the underground installations to protect the investment and to assure the safety and reliability of the operation.

LIOS PREVENT: A robust and precise solution for ecological engineering

Through continuous monitoring of the temperature profile LIOS PRE.VENT can be used to see changes associated with time of day, tides, rainfall, seasons, and other variables providing invaluable insights into environmental processes.

With its DTS technology LIOS PRE.VENT is perfectly suited as a robust solution to detect, precisely monitor, and locate any temperature changes caused by for instance erosion or gas leakage. Our innovative and patented OFDR evaluation method can determine a continuous temperature profile along the entire length of an optical fiber offering thousands of data points at a single measurement. The software visualization with data analysis allows the making of qualified decisions regarding utilization and life extension, which can lead to considerable cost savings.

Unexpected shut-downs or potential harmful situations can be prevented or postponed increasing operational reliability and safety as well as effectiveness of maintenance.


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