EN.SURE Long Range Power Cable DTS System

The Luna EN.SURE Long Range power cable DTS system is a unique optical fiber-based temperature measurement system designed to monitor underground T&D power cables and overhead transmission lines over long distances. The Long Range DTS system continuously monitors and predicts cable load and core temperature over single-ended lengths of up to 70 km.

With the increasing demand for electricity and new renewable energy resources, managing power networks becomes more complex, and operators are faced with higher demands for up-time and challenging grid load balancing.

The industry-leading range of 70 km reduces cost and installation complexity as fewer DTS units are needed per installation. Thanks to an internal fiber switch, the Luna EN.SURE Long Range power cable DTS system can handle up to 16 fibers and consequently 16 separate power cables.

The EN.SURE Long Range DTS system measures the temperature of a power cable with an accuracy better than 1°C and a strain down to 2 µε over distances up to 70 km. This ensures precise hotspot location and fast detection of mechanical disturbances of the cable (e.g. boat anchors, excavator digging, etc.).

Moreover, the EN.SURE DTS data is used to calculate the cable conductor temperature in real-time and to predict cable load (Real-Time Thermal Rating), thereby allowing the operator to run the cable above nominal capacity for peak emergency situations.

A Mean Time Between Failures of 40+ years

Reliability is critical when it comes to DTS systems. With 5,000 DTS systems in operation, we have calculated a remarkable MTBF of 40 years.

Made from Telcordia-rated components, passive cooling, and no moving parts, our DTS systems are basically maintenance-free. The self-diagnosing features free you from worrying and allow you to focus on other important tasks.


  • Industry-leading 70 km range
  • Superior hotspot detection along the whole sensor cable
  • Flexible and direct connection to management systems such as SCADA
  • Up to 16 individual channels enabling one unit to cover complex infrastructure
  • Temperature resolution better than 1°C
  • Maintenance-free and simplified outdoor installation capability
  • Real-time Thermal Rating (RRTR) software calculation engines based on IEC, AEIC, and IEEE standards
  • Mean Time Between Failures of 40+ years

When choosing a long-range power cable DTS system from Luna, you not only buy the most reliable DTS hardware on the market but also our decade-long expertise in power cable and transmission line temperature monitoring.

We partner with you from the initial planning phase, over installation and commissioning and when everything is running, we can offer service agreements to ensure your DTS solution operates smoothly for years to come.

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