Temperature Monitoring & Real-Time Thermal Rating

Develop smart grids and get maximum power output with on-line Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Real-Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) for your land or submarine transmission links.


  • Zero unplanned service interruptions
  • Effective, safe and sustainable supply of energy
  • Active and real-time transmission network management
  • Knowledge of thermal headroom allowing you to run close to overload state, safely
  • A 70km range

Knowledge is power

Today, operators are forced to stress their power cables to the physical limit to meet the growing demand for energy. Consequently, safety and efficiency become increasingly important.

Real-time knowledge of cable temperature and thermal behavior of the cable installation is key to control efficiency and ensure safety.

Unforeseeable adverse thermal conditions can – and will – cause system capacity degradations and service interruptions regardless of cable design, operational limits, or installation practice. Fatigue is a major reason and can be foreseen and avoided.

Temperature monitoring optimizes how resources are utilized and dispersed over time and provides long term reliability, thereby saving valuable maintenance time.

Visualize the power

On the LIOS EN.SURE monitoring system, you follow the status of your transmission network in real-time. You have full control. System capacity degradations due to overload and unnecessary service interruptions are now in the past.

If a situation arises, you get an alert immediately and make sure the problem is taken care of promptly.

The monitoring system is flexible. Today, you choose to see all the sensing data and the RTTR calculations presented visually in one big overview. Later, you might split the data up in graphs and tables to run some statistics. Tomorrow, when you’re travelling, you access the data from your mobile phone. It’s that simple.

RTTR visualization of temperatures in power cables

With high spatial resolution, multiple alert parameters, and visualization, monitoring is suddenly easy and convenient.

How do I get my customized system?

The LIOS EN.SURE DTS and RTTR gives you the power of knowledge.

Every power cable installation is unique. To make sure you get precise information, we customize every system to reflect your actual set-up.

You get a full solution made to order. We provide all stages of the project from design engineering to installation and service. You can even leave the tender process safely with us.

The LIOS EN.SURE solution can link to SCADA/EMS and the RTTR software enables dynamic optimization of the power load and ensures reliable supplies of electricity.

Get in touch to hear how!