Fire detection in the Eisenhower Tunnel

The LIOS DE.TECT fiber optic linear heat detection system from NKT Photonics has been installed in the Eisenhower Tunnel where it accurately monitors the temperature in the two tunnel bores 24 hours a day. The high spatial resolution and temperature sensitivity enable fast and accurate detection of a fire in the tunnel.

The DE.TECT system was installed to gain optimum fire detection in this four-lane vehicle tunnel. The Colorado Department of Transportation retrofitted the tunnel with a fire suppression system designed to limit the fire size of a vehicle or goods fire to a maximum of 20 MW.

The customer chose the DE.TECT system over point-type detection, copper tube systems due to the accurate fire detection over the entire length of the tunnel, flexible setting of alarm parameters and zones as well as the prevention of false alarms.

The system is smoothly linked to the CCTV and to the fire suppression system of the Eisenhower–Edwin C. Johnson Memorial Tunnel which was proved by comprehensive testing of the zoning and detection sensitivity.

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