Marcos Torres

Marc joined us in the Americas region in 2019. He served in the US Armed Forces for over 6 years and in oilfield services since 2012. As a fluent Spanish speaker he now leads our service team to operate in North and South America. Read more

Derek DeStephen

Derek joined us at the beginning of 2019.  He is Sales Manager for Central US and Canada.  Derek holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.  He has 13+ years experience in Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing for temperature monitoring and more recently for acoustic and strain monitoring. Read more

Julio Toko

Julio Toko

Julio has been with us since 2014. He is the Global Sales Director, Business Segment Manager for PRE.VENT. Julio holds a Bachelor degree in Optical Engineering from University of California, Davis with emphasis on Fiber-Optic telecommunication and Sensing. Julio has 10+ years of experience in distributed and quasi-distributed Fiber-optic Sensing for acoustic, seismic, temperature and strain monitoring. Read more