Seal protection of Floating Roof Tanks

Floating roof tanks are used for the storage of liquid eductors and products containing hydrocarbons, originating from petroleum refining and/or petroleum distillation. The essential feature of this type of storage tank is the pontoon roofs which “float” on the stored product and hence also at a low filling level guarantee a storage space with the lowest gas volume.

The floating roof tanks used in the OMV facility in Schwechat and Lobbau are about 25 m high and have a diameter of 80-100 m. Mainly products/educts such as crude oils (Schwechat) as well as light fuel oils and gasoline (Lobbau) are stored in them. All of the compounds stored correspond to classification IIA according to EN 50014/Appendix A.

The NKT Photonics Linear Heat Detection technology, which is ATEX and EX approved, and contains a special technology for certified operation in extreme hazardous, explosive areas, is being used to provide intelligent rim seal fire detection for several floating roof tanks of the OMV refinery in Schwechat, Austria and the OMV tank farm in Lobbau, Austria.

System configuration:

  • 6 OTS-300 EX Controllers
  • 12 km “EX-protection” sensor cable, 8 mm
  • System ATEX-certified for category I applications (zone 0)
  • Controller linked to fire panel via output contacts


The ATEX- certified system uses a special controller with an ultra-fast laser shut-down feature and a heavy-duty sensor cable.

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