Downhole Monitoring of Offshore Water Injector Well

In this project, we worked to significantly reduce the cost for the fiber optic deployment on offshore platforms. This is to demonstrate the economic added value of downhole monitoring even for low-cost wells respectively low volume producing wells.

Fiber optic sensing is gaining acceptance in the Upstream Oil and Gas industry for downhole monitoring applications by providing valuable information in so-called intelligent or smart wells for real-time field management (RTFM) to ensure proper operating conditions of the well and improve reservoir performance.

Scope of material

  • OTS40P / 1 channel
  • CHARON_02 visualization, capable of storing one year’s worth of DTS data with full RAID backup and customized data processing plug-ins
  • Industrial PC rack mounted
  • 19” cabinet with UPS capable of providing up to 8 hours independent power
  • Temperature Supervisor ensures shut down on high ambient temperature (in case of aircon failure) and re-establish control once the temperature has fallen to a preset level – thus protection against surface equipment overheating.

Additional features and capabilities

    • POSC WITSML Data Interface
      This software plugin generates automatically POSC-compliant WITSML output data, which is organized as per-measurement compressed files, strictly following all requirements of the latest WITSML standard 1.3.1. It enables seamless integration into data storage, reduction, interpretation and visualization infrastructures – a requirement for real-time field management.The data files are produced in this case by the CHARON_02 software but can also be generated by a built-in embedded system in the OTS itself. Alternatively, the OTS can directly produce POSC WITSML data streams to be transferred to data storage units like commercial database servers.
    • LIOS Remote Backup
      The LIOS Remote Backup is a feature that copies regularly exported measurement data from a remote Charon_02 installation over a network connection. In this case, the unmanned offshore jacket is connected by a wireless link to the onshore base. The data transfer is performed over an industry-standard Ethernet network, optionally with state-of-the-art secure authentication and encryption to enable the safe use of existing LAN, WAN or wireless infrastructures.
    • CHARON DVD Backup Tool
      The DVD Export Tool creates a regular backup of CHARON_02 measurement data. The exported files are written to a DVD and a second level backup folder.

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12 June 2005