Predict conductor temperature with Real-Time Temperature Rating

Do you need prediction of your power cable system?

Use our advanced Real-Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) software package.

LIOS EN.SURE Real-Time Temperature Rating (RTTR) gives you visibility across large power supply networks. It enables you to monitor and control the conductor temperature to avoid thermal damage in power cables.

  • Stop worrying about operating your cable systems beyond their limit – especially during emergencies
  • Monitor and get real-time alarms
  • Get better reliability
  • Get higher predictability
  • Get improved safety
  • Lower the maintenance and operating costs

Our system can handle HVAC and HVDC power cable systems.

The RTTR system itself is a piece of complex software, a mathematical model customized to your exact installation. It continuously computes the conductor temperature, based on current load, ambient temperature, and thermal resistivity.


How can I get RTTR?