Let fiber-optic sensing systems be your eyes and ears

Border monitoring made easy

If you want to monitor physical borders, such as walls and fences, a fiber-optic sensing system is ideal as they enable you to measure sound, movement or temperature – continuously and in real-time – along with long structures.

The sensors are standard, unmodified telecom fibers which have many advantages: They are easy to install, they enable measurements of thousands of locations with one single interrogator, they cover a large geographical range, they are immune to electromagnetic interference, they do not carry any electrical power, and they are highly reliable and cost-efficient.

In the summary and full article, you can read more about the light scattering mechanisms that makes fiber-optic sensing possible and how Distributed Acoustic Sensor systems (DAS) can be used to detect incursions continuously and cost-effectively.


Read the summary or jump to the full article by Wieland Hill, John Williams, and Gareth Lees in Laser Focus World.

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