Luna wins the 2018 Prism Award

Luna has won the prestigious 2018 Prism Award in the category Detectors and Sensors. The honor was given for the new LIOS EN.SURE long range cable monitoring system that can measure temperature and strain in power cables and transmission lines at distances up to 70 km.

At Luna we strive to make a difference in the World. Right now, global warming is on the agenda worldwide, and we see how renewable energy sources like wind and solar displaces fossil fuels at an increasing pace and cars seem to go electric much faster than anyone anticipated. This puts enormous strain on our energy distribution networks and we need more intelligence in the network to be able to balance the many types of power generation and use.

The LIOS EN.SURE DTS & RTTR is a long range optical fiber based temperature- and strain sensing measurement system designed to monitor underground T&D power cables and overhead transmission lines. Using an optical fiber embedded in the power cable, or installed externally, the LIOS EN.SURE system can continuously monitor and predict power cable load, cable core temperature, and strain profile over single-ended lengths of up to 70 km per system.

The LIOS EN.SURE system can measure the temperature of a power cable with an accuracy better than 1°C and strain down to 2µε over distances up to 70km. This ensures precise hotspot location and fast detection of mechanical disturbances of the cable. This technology is key to develop SMART grids and to get maximum power output from important land/submarine transmission links. With this system, Transmission System Operators and utilities can ensure effective, efficient, safe, and sustainable supply of T&D energy as well as information in all communities today and in the future.