No More Leaks

Application of Distributed Temperature Sensing system for leakage detection on the LNG tanks in China

LNG tanks are vital assets for LNG transmission networks, which impose huge influence on the safe operation of the entire terminal as well as the distribution networks. Here LIOS introduces the application of Distributed Temperature Sensing system (DTS) on the LNG tanks, an innovative way of leakage detection.

To ensure the safe operation of LNG tanks, Tianjin LNG terminal uses the DTS from LIOS Technology to detect the possible leakage on LNG tanks at an early stage.

Based on the requirements, one set of  DTS system is supplied in this project. With the capability to use up to 4 optical channels and a measurement range of 4 kilometres per channel, the LIOS DTS system is a cost – sensitive solution. The system uses double-ended measurement mode to ensure an accurate measurement, as both channels are measuring from both directions and calibrate automatically. The backscattering data is transmitted through fibre optic cables to the evaluation unit (controller), where the precise temperature data is calculated. Through the distributed temperature profile, the real-time condition of LNG tanks is monitored for any possible leakage. Whenever there is a leakage on the tank, the local temperature will drop significantly due to Joule–Thomson effect and eventually trigger the alarm at DTS system. The location and temperature of the alarm will be recorded and sent via communication protocol to the management system of the terminal.

The distributed temperature sensing system by LIOS Technology can monitor the real-time temperature along the entire fibre optic cable. Through the accurate measurement result, the real-time condition of the tank is monitored and any possible leakage, even at early stages with small amount, can be detected through the changes of temperature. The reliable system design as well as state-of-the-art performance of the DTS system redefine the modern leakage detection and ensure the safe operation of the LNG tanks.