Steam distribution project in Indianapolis

Steam distribution is of vital importance for the city of Indianapolis. Through the utilization of a LIOS PRE.VENT distributed temperature sensing system, considerable safety issues in the heart of Indianapolis has now been resolved.

Luna Innovation’s LIOS Technology partnered with Indianapolis Power & Light Company to monitor the steam network in real-time enabling IPL to proactively investigate potential high-temperature events. And the results were so successful that IPL submitted an EEI 2018 Edison Award Nomination for the project. See a summary below and read the full nomination case here


After experiencing challenging media coverage and public outcry over safety concerns following cable fires and dislodged manhole covers in its downtown network, Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) became proactive in discovering and employing an innovative solution that has shown remarkable success over the past two years.

By taking the technology used in the oil pipeline industry, IPL partnered with Texas-based Fiber Optic Pipeline Solutions (FiOPS) to be the first electrical utility ever to use a distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system to monitor external high-temperature threats in an underground network secondary grid.

This innovation helped IPL improve the safety and reliability of the fundamental life element they deliver: energy for 490,000 customers and more than 28 million visitors – people who expect to be able to turn on their lights and have power, while in the city of Indianapolis.

You can read the full nomination case here.

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