Bus bar temperature monitoring of Seoul Financial Center

The LIOS EN.SURE DTS system was installed in Seoul Financial Center (SFC) to ensure power supply of one of the most prestigious prime office buildings occupied by leading financial and international companies, side by side with historical Korean palaces.

As a 30-floor office building fully occupied with companies and a multistory shopping mall in its basement, SFC has large and dynamic energy demands. The electricity is transmitted through bus bars which run from the installation in an underground control center to the top of the building in order to supply lightning, air-conditioning, and other facilities to every corner and company.

Location of the Seoul Finance Center

Due to heavy load conditions of the bus bar, the temperature here also changes dynamically – during day-time when air conditioning is on the temperature keeps stable but when the air conditioner is shut off, the temperatures could rise to levels that may lead to malfunction or even fire. Well aware of these conditions and risks, SFC decided to use the LIOS EN.SURE DTS system. A distributed temperature sensing system which, with the deployment of fiber optic cable, can monitor the entire bus bar 24/7.

The system is totally immune to Electromagnetic Interference and thus can be easily installed along the full bus bar.

LIOS EN.SURE DTS fiber optic cables installed across the bus bars SFC building

For this project a 2KM/6CH LIOS EN.SURE DTS system was installed. The system is situated in the basement control center and branches out 6 channels of sensor cable routes, which allow monitoring along the major transmission bus bars from the basement and all the way up to the 30th floor.

With the help of LIOS visualization software Charon, the operator of SFC can easily and clearly see the entire temperature profile as well as independent zone information on the monitor screen. And if the system detects some hotspots, an alarm will show on the screen and provide hotspot information while pinpointing location and exact temperature.

Vertical layout of the sensor cables up to the 30th floor Horizontal layout of sensor cables in the basement
Vertical layout of the sensor cables up to the 30th floor Horizontal layout of sensor cables in the basement

With the LIOS. EN.SURE temperature monitoring solution we provided safe and effective power supply to a modern office building.


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