Induction furnace

Optical coil protection of two induction furnaces at Affilips N.V., Tienen, Belgium

LIOS DTS technology is being used for the OCP system to protect the integrity of the refractory lining of two 2.5-tonne vacuum-type coreless induction furnaces used for melting copper pre-alloys. These particular furnaces are operated in three-shifts to produce copper-iron pre-alloys. Such alloys pose exacting demands on the crucible material due to their aggressive chemical characteristics and fluidity. The tapping temperature is in the region of 1500 °C. Read more

Smart Grid begins at Taiwan Power Company 345kV substation

Taichung City, West coast of Taiwan, is the center of activities for one of Taiwan’s three main science parks: The Central Taiwan Science Park. This area has already attracted approximately 92 foreign and local manufacturers pledging a total of 51 billion USD in investment. Read more